We have a home bout coming up, this obviously causes a lot of excitement, who will be on the team, and what will the theme be. As I am not yet at being in the team stage I help out with the bout, its not mandatory but I want to help and be involved. The only problem is what to volunteer for, not as easy as you may think when you have limited ability to imagine the future, and have limited social abilities. So the going over the few bouts I have been to begins, what made me flap, or hum, the moments that made me cover my ears, and of course where are people easiest to predict. Going over these questions has surprised me, the best place is right in the centre on the white board, it’s the noisiest brightest place in the whole room, but its consistent, and most importantly everyone’s predictable. In the middle your part of the refereeing team you have a job to do, and a regulated system of communication which limits greatly the chances of me accidentally offending someone. At first I was surprised by this until I thought about what I really can’t do, selling raffle tickets wandering up to unpredictable members of the public and asking if they want raffle tickets. As I can’t do the same job every time I finally settled on one request in my email “I will give any job a go just don’t put me on raffle tickets (I am appalling at it).

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  1. Bee says:

    What is a home bout?

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